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Visitor Reviews of Haus Saron Holiday Cottages - Overall Rating 2.5

Colin Hill - 14th April 2014


I cannot comment on the other houses but the coach house was dated and in need of modernisation , I was staying for work so It was adequate not sure I would of stayed if u had been on holiday. Wifi non existent unless your stood in the front room. TV is through sky free view. But you get less channels than on a digital box. May be the area though.


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Phil Webb, Sheffield UK - 10th September 2007


Everything that we needed was there and we enjoyed our stay at Haus Saron but we felt that perhaps the kitchen is in need of some modernisation.


We like Largs very much. The sea front walks, dog friendly facilities, marina, Vikingar, Waverley Steamer are all excellent. Some of the eateries are very traditional and not really for under 60's. It would be useful to know which restaurants / hotels are catering for the coach trips and oldies and which have a more modern menu. The Marina served excellent food pretty reasonably priced.

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