Haunted Edinburgh

Recent press reports have listed Edinburgh as the most haunted city in the United Kingdom.

With 375 paranormal sightings in the last 25 years Edinburgh beat Glasgow and Nottingham to the title of ‘spookiest’ city. The results were collated together by author and ghost hunter Christian Jensen Romer to promote a new tv programme, ‘Paranormal Witness’.

Edinburgh has many reported spooks, poltergeists and spectres in both the Old and New Town. So much so that many Ghost Walk Tours have sprung up over the years.

One of the most famous venues for ghosts, murders and unexplained occurrences is Mary King’s Close. This address is made all the more unusual in that it exists entirely underground. The close was covered over in 1753 when the Royal Exchange ( now the City Chambers) was built upon the High Street. The close was still in use until 1906 and much of the architecture is unchanged. In several rooms original wall paper can be seen.

The Close is now a tourist attraction run from the City Chambers and groups are taken into the depths by guides. The guides are based on real people from the 17th century and lead the tour in character. The trip lasts around 30 minutes and is very well worth it for those with an interest in the paranormal. It is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

One of the best documented spirits in the city is that of “Little Annie” who has been reported in Mary King’s Close. Annie is the ghost of a child who has been encountered on the tour of this subterranean street. Visitors over the years have created a ‘shrine’ consisting of toys, money and sweets for the youngster and many have reported experiencing their clothes being pulled at by this lost infant.

A few minutes walk up the Royal Mile and left on George IV Bridge you will find your self at Greyfriars Kirk and Cemetery. More often associated with Greyfriars Bobby, visitors are surprised to find that the kirkyard has associations with torture and execution. It is here that Covenanters were persecuted by the then Lord Advocate, George ‘Bluidy’ MacKenzie at Charles the 2nd’s behest. Over 1,200 convenanters were detained in the Kirkyard and modern visitors have reported being clawed and scratched when visiting the cemetery.

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