Visit Speyside for walking and whisky

Speyside, or Strathspey, is an area in North East Scotland, surrounding the river Spey, and is also one of the famous Scotch whisky distilling areas. Speyside is known for its beautiful countryside, with everything from magnificent waterways and lush green landscapes, to quaint villages and mountains. But whisky lies at the very heart of the Speyside communities – whisky born from the pure Speyside mountain waters. Speyside whisky is known for its approachable, light, and often sweet character, so if you’re new to whisky, this is the ideal place to start. For those more accustomed to the tipple, Speyside is home to some of the most famous names in Scotch, from Aberlour to Glenlivet, the area is steeped in distilling history.

The Speyside Way

What better way to explore a serene and wild landscape such as Speyside, than on foot? For those of you who like a challenge, as well as the invigorating thrill of the great outdoors, there is the famous Speyside Way. The main route of the Speyside Way runs from Aviemore, along the river Spey to Spey Bay, before heading along the coast to finish at Buckpool Harbour, in the lovely little seaside town of Buckie, some 65 miles away. Of course, the route can be tackled in either direction, but many prefer to follow the organic direction, towards the sea. The route is, in fact, the path of the old Strathspey railway, and is clearly marked by posts and signs bearing a thistle symbol.

Famous distilleries on the Speyside Way

Speyside is filled with some of the most historic whisky distilleries in Scotland and many of these are easily accessible from the Speyside Way.

Aberlour is a little over halfway along the route towards the sea, and features two of the most famous distilleries in the world. The Aberlour distillery was established in 1826, and continues to pump out its world-famous whisky to this day, with a wide range on offer. Perhaps the most famous of all distilleries is the Macallan distillery, which is within walking distance of Aberlour.

A short journey off the route will see you at the door of the Glenfiddich distillery. Perhaps one of the most accessible of all single malts, Glenfiddich is just one of the many distilleries in Dufftown.

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