Hidden gems of Glasgow

Glasgow has loads to offer, yet doesn’t take itself too seriously; that’s part of the charm that keeps bringing people back to the city time and again. With world-class museums, dazzling festivals and one of the best live music scenes in Europe, it’s no wonder visitors keep returning to Glasgow.

Couple these draws with a smattering of prime shopping districts, bustling markets, a whole host of restaurants and pubs and friendly locals, and it’s easy to see why Glasgow enjoys the popularity it does.

But what about some of lesser-visited attractions and haunts? Here we’ve selected some hidden gems for the keen traveller to seek out on their next visit:

Ashton Lane

Local Glaswegians are well acquainted with Ashton Lane, but visiting tourists could very well miss it. A charming, cobbled street filled with independent shops, pubs and restaurants, it’s a must for anyone looking to discover a delightful, hidden part of this unique city. The perfect tonic to the hustle and bustle of the large shopping districts.

Glasgow University

Well-known to academics and researchers the world over, Glasgow is one of the UK’s finest educational establishments. Yet the University is often missing from the list of must-see attractions. We don’t know why; the University was founded in the mid-15th century and boasts some incredible architecture, and is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world! It’s well worth a visit on your next trip.

St Aloysius Church

Glasgow is home to a huge number of churches, which doesn’t come as a surprise given its rich and ongoing history. St Aloysius’ Roman Catholic Church may often fall by the wayside, but it’s certainly deserving of attention! The church is a triumphal homage to Renaissance architecture, modelled on the Namur Cathedral in Belgium. Founded in the mid-19th century, it wasn’t until after World War II that the interior decoration was finally completed; we think it was worth the wait!

Kibble Palace

The Glasgow Botanic Gardens are made up of vast, gleaming greenhouses that shelter delicate flowers, tropical paradises and an especially resplendent fern collection. If you want some time off from the museums and the shopping, choose a sunny day and spend it strolling around these lush gardens.

Next time you’re in Glasgow, get off the beaten track!

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