Why book lovers will love Edinburgh

In fact, so many Scottish landscapes, for example the romantic Trossachs National Park, have inspired generations of writers.

What’s more, there are dozens of literary events all year long, nationwide, from storytelling to poetry festivals, in the most far-flung places.

Edinburgh was made the world’s very first UNESCO City of Literature. It’s also home to the world’s biggest book festival.

With its steep, narrow streets and dramatic architecture, Edinburgh has always been a good place to set and write stories.

So if you’re a book worm, take a guided tour around the haunts of legends from Arthur Conan Doyle to Alexander McCall Smith, Ian Rankin and JK Rowling.

Or if you’re a particular fan of the Inspector Rebus books by Ian Rankin, see the city’s “alternative” side away from the usual tourist spots. Take a Rebus Tour and hear readings from some of the books while visiting the locations mentioned in the novels. Whether you’re new to the books or a long-time fan, the city and the works will be brought alive to you as never before.

Start in Rebus’s favourite pub The Royal Oak, and visit the Royal High School, the Carnegie housing scheme, St Leonard’s police station and a lot more besides.

Alternatively, Harry Potter fans can tour the places in Edinburgh where JK Rowling wrote the famous books on the Potter Trail – while also learning about medieval Edinburgh’s real-life witches and wizards at the same time. You’ll find this tour highly entertaining whether you’re a Potter fan or not – it’s suitable for all Muggles!

There are other trips to enjoy if you’re a book lover in town, including Leith Walks around the places that inspired Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, and a literature tour showing how the Scottish Parliament is connected to literature through national works of poetry, theatre and prose. Finally, you can also take the Edinburgh Literary Pub tour.

With so much to choose from, you may need several days in the city to fit everything in!

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