Glasgow Barras

Explore the hustle and bustle of Glasgow Barras

The Barras is a lively, bustling indoor and outdoor market that simply shouldn’t be missed when visiting Glasgow. Based in the East End of the city, the weekend market has been running since the early 20th Century and remains as popular today as it was nearly 100 years ago, with both locals and tourists.

‘Barras’, Glaswegian dialect for ‘barrows’, reflects the early years in which the market first began when traders would sell their produce from handcarts. You may also hear the markets referred to as ‘Barrowland’ as its more formal name, however, the official title of the area is Calton.

Since the early years, the market has grown in size and you can expect to see stall holders, independent shops, pubs and copious cafes dotted throughout the market halls and streets. In the Barras Centre hall you can even find exhibition spaces and creative arts events.

Just like any other traditional market in the UK, you will see the usual food, grocery and clothing stalls (Barras is the perfect place to pick up a traditional Scottish kilt), but you’ll also discover plenty of antiques dealers with collectable treasures waiting to be discovered.

The largest building in the area is the Barrowland Ballroom, which opened in 1934. Sadly, a fire in 1958 destroyed the building, but it was rebuilt and reopened within two years and has since grown in popularity. With a 2,100 person capacity, sprung dance floor and excellent acoustics, the Barrowland Ballroom makes the perfect concert venue and has seen many notable acts perform on its stage, including U2, Oasis and The Smiths. If you’re going to a concert at the Ballroom during your stay in Glasgow, we highly recommend you head over to Barras a little early and soak in the thriving market atmosphere.

Barras is within walking distance of the city centre, sandwiched between Gallowgate and London Road. For those driving there are car parks and limited street parking spaces available in the area. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the large red archways at the entrances to the market, affectionately referred to as the ‘gateway to a bargain’.

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