Edinburgh Military Tattoo

There aren’t many events in the world that can boast over 100 million viewers every year and a total of 13 million attendees. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is one of them.

What makes this event even more special is the spectacular location in which it takes place. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Edinburgh Castle, the performance boasts such spectacles as bagpipes from Scotland’s Royal Regiment, warriors from the Zulu tribes of Africa, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, New Zealand’s Maoris, Caribbean Steel Bands and of course, the Royal Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, all coming together to celebrate music, tradition and ceremony. Watching this melting-pot of performers march across a centuries-old drawbridge is the sight of a lifetime. Audiences both in attendance and watching at home are treated to music, dancing, singing, gymnastics, pyrotechnics and more.

Now into its sixth decade, the Tattoo has been running since 1950 and has never missed a performance. Having sold out in advance for more than a decade, tickets to the Tattoo can be hot commodities!

The blending of cultures from all over the globe, and traditions both new and old, are what makes this event so special. Nowhere else in the world can one see a Zulu tribesman perform alongside a traditional Scottish pipe and drum display – especially one of the world’s largest!

Also, in addition to boosting Edinburgh’s annual economy, the Tattoo has managed to raise and donate more than £5million for charities, including the Soldiers Charity (previously known as the Army Benevolent Fund), Seafarers UK, the Edinburgh International Festival, the RAF Benevolent Fund and a host of other causes that benefit those suffering from disability, unemployment, illness, homelessness and poverty.

No visit to Scotland in the summertime would be complete without a trip to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Steeped in culture and Scottish patriotism, this timeless display of military tradition and precision is an emotional, goosebump-inducing masterpiece! The en-masse display of pipe and drum bands from around the globe, followed by a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne, have been known to leave a tear in the eye of the toughest military man in the house.

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