Commonwealth Games 2014

There are now less than 30 days until the 20th Commonwealth Games kick off in Glasgow. The city has been revealing a number of different events and locations catering for spectators and visitors without any tickets.

Doulton Fountain at Glasgow Green

Doulton Fountain at Glasgow Green

The primary focus during the 12 day games will be Glasgow Green.  The Live Zone here is one of several planned across the city ( The Merchant City and Kelvingrove Bandstand being the others) All of these zones will have big screens showing the sporting action. Glasgow Green, is however, the largest and will offer an enormous range of activities and fun for all the family.  Importantly the Live Zones are unticketed and free of charge.  The Live Zones will be open from the 19th of July until August 3rd.

Scheduled musical acts at the Green include Admiral Fallow, Edwyn Collins and the Scottish National Orchestra.  There will also be ceilidhs, choirs, films, comedy and crafting.  Check out the website for information.

The park will play host to several different zones such as, ‘The Back Garden’, ‘The Wee House’ ,’The Playhouse’ and ‘The Living Room’.

There will be large events here at both the opening and closing of the games.

Visitors should note that the Live Zone at Glasgow Green will involve a security check upon entrance and that scooters, bikes, balls and skateboards are not allowed on site.

Glasgow Green is the oldest public park in Glasgow its origins dating back to 1450 when King James II gifted the land to the people of Glasgow.  It has developed over the years and has been host to some amazing events.  The Stone Roses played one of their best gigs here in 1990 and more recently Radio 1’s Big Weekend event entertained over 50,000 people in May this year.  The Green has also been home to many political rallies and was often used by the Suffragette movement.

It also where James Watt thought of a separate condenser for his steam engine thus setting in motion the Industrial Revolution.  This historic walk is forever commemorated in an carved stone monument.

The People's Palace

The People’s Palace

The People’s Palace Museum is also on Glasgow Green and this beautiful building has told the story of Glasgow’s population since the 1940’s.  With an imposing red sandstone facade and a huge glass conservatory to the rear the museum is spectacular.  It also provides Glaswegians somewhere warm to visit on rainy days.  To the front of the People’s Palace is the Doulton Fountain ( finally fully restored and relocated from Glasgow Green in 2005).  This exquisite terracotta work of art records the people’s of the Empire ( subsequently the Commonwealth) at the time Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.

The nearby Templeton on The Green of Templeton  Carpet Factory i as it is known locally is another architectural gem.  Built as homage to the Doge’s Palace in Venice it must surely be the prettiest industrial unit ever built.  Part of the building is now home to the WEST microbrewery and bar which produces some of the finest beers and lagers in Scotland.

Templeton on The Green - aka Templeton Carpet Factory

Templeton on The Green – aka Templeton Carpet Factory

Do you have any stories or pictures of the build up to the games or about Glasgow Green?

Please feel free to share them with us.



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