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Glasgow Restaurants

It is an all too readily accepted myth that Scottish food is deep fried and stodgy.  A glance at some of the biggest names in world cuisine finds several Scots present: Gordon Ramsey, Tom Kitchen, Andrew Fairlie and Alan Murchison.  Indeed, Scotland has some of the best produce in the world from fresh salmon, vension […]

Edinburgh Dining

Scottish cuisine makes people think of the much maligned Haggis,  tins of shortbread and lumpy porage.  This is a very unfair and inaccurate portrayal as Scotland boasts a long list of delicacies to entice the tastebuds.  Think rather of Arbroath smokies, Stornoway black pudding and the famous Loch Fyne oysters.   Our countryside and waterways are the […]

Edinburgh Centre

Few cities in the world give you access to a castle and two extinct volcanoes!  Edinburgh is just such a city with Castlehill and Arthur’s Seat within 15 minutes walk of each other.  As a result of this fiery geological history,  Edinburgh’s city centre is curious mix of the ancient and modern.  The volcanic plug […]

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The recent fire in Glasgow School of Art has brought Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work back to the world’s attention.  Fortunately, reports of the buildings demise appear to have been exaggerated with the brave men and women of the Scottish Fire Service saving 90% of the building’s structure and 70% of it’s contents.  The long process […]