Monthly Archives: May 2014

Scotland… The Home of Golf

The game of golf is played by an  estimated 61 million people worldwide and although there are some claims made by Netherlands, Scotland is seen as the birthplace of modern day Golf. ‘Goulf’ was banned in 1457 being seen as a distraction from the important task of practising archery.  Indeed, the game has been banned […]

Salisbury Crags Edinburgh

The Crags are around 150 feet high (46m)  and have been used for rock climbing since the earliest days of the sport. Climbing is now restricted to the South Quarry with only bouldering and free climbing permitted. This is to protect the unique geological nature of the Crags from damage by fixings or rope climbing. The South Quarry is accessed on […]

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

The Art Gallery and Museum is one of Glasgow’s most popular visitor attractions and is the most visited museum in the UK outside London. The museum has a large natural history collection as well as an extensive collection of arms and armour. Home to the famous Salvador Dali painting Christ of Saint John of the Cross, the Art […]

Edinburgh and Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous creation has been recently revived in the 21st century by the BBC. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr Watson the series has been a worldwide success. The third season finished with fans being left with another cliffhanger in the seeming resurrection of Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty. […]