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John Knox House on Edinburgh Royal Mile

Edinburgh and Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous creation has been recently revived in the 21st century by the BBC. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr Watson the series has been a worldwide success. The third season finished with fans being left with another cliffhanger in the seeming resurrection of Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty. […]

Edinburgh Southside

Arthur’s Seat looms over the south east corner of Edinburgh and from its summit almost all of this great city is visible.  The remains of an extinct volcano, Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags provide a dramatic back drop to Scotland’s capital city.  Home to some of the earliest recorded inhabitants in the area with […]

Edinburgh West

Edinburgh is famed for the Georgian splendour, the space of the New Town, the crowded alleys and seemingly ramshackle and ancient squash of the Old Town.  Many visitors do not venture outside the centre of this great city as most of the obvious attractions are found within a 2 mile radius of Edinburgh Castle. There is, however, a […]

Edinburgh New Town

Edinburgh’s New Town is  one of the finest examples of Georgian town planning ever conceived.  In 1766 a competition was commissioned by the city fathers to extend the city to the north and drain the rancid Nor Loch (now the site of Princes Street Gardens and the Edinburgh to Glasgow railway line).  Serious overcrowding in […]

Edinburgh Zoo

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland opened Edinburgh Zoo in 1913 and to date the park attracts over 600,000 visitors a year. The zoo is home to over 170 different species of animal many of which are endangered and involved in captive breeding programmes. Edinburgh zoo is involved in conservation, breeding programmes and research across […]

Edinburgh Old Town

Edinburgh is a city of distinct parts.  The Old and New Town are separated by the green expanse of Princes Street Gardens and centuries of history.  The ancient  buildings chronicle the city’s past and it is impossible not wonder what life was like in those days gone by.  As the old saying goes, ‘Age before […]

Edinburgh City of Literature

Edinburgh is famous for its International Art Festival in August but this is just one of many festivals that occur in the city annually.  The Edinburgh International Book festival is set to begin on August 9th 2014.  This literary extravaganza claims to be the largest public celebration of the written word in the world.  The […]

Haunted Edinburgh

Recent press reports have listed Edinburgh as the most haunted city in the United Kingdom. With 375 paranormal sightings in the last 25 years Edinburgh beat Glasgow and Nottingham to the title of ‘spookiest’ city. The results were collated together by author and ghost hunter Christian Jensen Romer to promote a new tv programme, ‘Paranormal […]