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John Knox House on Edinburgh Royal Mile

Why book lovers will love Edinburgh

In fact, so many Scottish landscapes, for example the romantic Trossachs National Park, have inspired generations of writers. What’s more, there are dozens of literary events all year long, nationwide, from storytelling to poetry festivals, in the most far-flung places. Edinburgh was made the world’s very first UNESCO City of Literature. It’s also home to […]

The darker side of Edinburgh

Venture out in Edinburgh during the evening hours and you will more than likely run into one of the city’s ghost tours. These nocturnal adventures take visitors to the scariest parts of the city, from underground vaults, to local tombs and outdoor torture theatres. With so much history running through this majestic city, the bravery […]

Six of the best examples of Edinburgh’s architecture

With its castle dominating the skyline and its streets upon streets of beautiful, antiquated buildings, it’s no surprise that Edinburgh has a lot to offer when it comes to architecture. Whatever piques your interest – whether it’s medieval churches, centuries-old castles, or even the new, controversial parliament building – there’s certainly no shortage of culturally […]

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The buzz around Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic GardenThe Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is a must-see for any visitor tired of the city’s streets and longing to sample a taste of Edinburgh’s rich horticultural history. Originally founded in 1670 as a physic garden dedicated to the growing of medicinal plants, the RBGE now covers four areas […]

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

There aren’t many events in the world that can boast over 100 million viewers every year and a total of 13 million attendees. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is one of them. What makes this event even more special is the spectacular location in which it takes place. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Edinburgh […]

Edinburgh Fringe

For many people from all over the world, the arts festival known as the Edinburgh Fringe is one of the most important events in the Scottish annual calendar. The three week festival takes place every August in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, and sees the city filled with huge numbers of live performances across multiple […]

Edinburgh Festival

The city of Edinburgh has a history of invaders and the castle and city walls have been besieged several times.  This trend continues every year in August when hordes of culture vultures, art and music aficionados descend upon the International Arts Festival. 2014 is the 67th Festival and it is set to be one of […]

Edinburgh Dining

Scottish cuisine makes people think of the much maligned Haggis,  tins of shortbread and lumpy porage.  This is a very unfair and inaccurate portrayal as Scotland boasts a long list of delicacies to entice the tastebuds.  Think rather of Arbroath smokies, Stornoway black pudding and the famous Loch Fyne oysters.   Our countryside and waterways are the […]

Edinburgh Centre

Few cities in the world give you access to a castle and two extinct volcanoes!  Edinburgh is just such a city with Castlehill and Arthur’s Seat within 15 minutes walk of each other.  As a result of this fiery geological history,  Edinburgh’s city centre is curious mix of the ancient and modern.  The volcanic plug […]

Salisbury Crags Edinburgh

The Crags are around 150 feet high (46m)  and have been used for rock climbing since the earliest days of the sport. Climbing is now restricted to the South Quarry with only bouldering and free climbing permitted. This is to protect the unique geological nature of the Crags from damage by fixings or rope climbing. The South Quarry is accessed on […]